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The products we offer are constructed with the use of high-technology. They are corresponding to all the international standards regarding construction and safety. The CE indication can also be seen labeled over our products and furthermore together with the products of your choice, you will receive all the necessary handbooks and texts ready for use.

“THESSALOIATRIKI” is accordant to the standards of Ministry of Health, which is reflected to the following ministerial decisions Ä.Õ.8ä/Ć.Š. OIK./1348/2004, regarding the principals and the basic lines for the correct policy of medi-tech products’ distribution. According to those principals the suppliers and distribution companies like us, are obligated to adopt the basic principles of ISO 9001 System.

Thus, our company is qualified by European Union that it is working according to the standars that International Community and European Union have set. The certificates ISO 9001:2000 with certification number 2003V329 as well as ISO 13485:2003 with respective number 2004V329M verify the safety policy of our company accomplishing with the best way the needs of our customers in medical and clinical equipment.

The continuous effort for improvement the level of products and services that we offer, is the primary and principal target both of our company’s managers and employees.

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